Academ-ED courses and programs are developed with career minded individuals in mind and all efforts are taken to deliver the best available courses at very affordable prices to participants. Academ-ED uses all available methods and means to deliver the course material to needy participants thus effectively breaking all barriers.

Academ-ED courses are exemplary in the sense that it not only cater for the professional needs but many other facets of individual needs.

  • Update your present knowledge in the subject.
  • Vast amount of real life situations taken directly from the field being presented and solved to enhance the workplace experience of students. Gained know-how from such cases will strengthen the ability to face the tasks in your career as an experienced professional.
  • Industry seniors will serve as instructors and examiners.
  • Courses can be tailor made to suit the selected career/country/region/situation.
  • Ability to start a career right away as a Professional in the chosen field of study.
  • Ability to select most relevant areas of the subject on priority basis as applicable to the current employment.
  • Greatly discounted fees.
  • Free entry and 1 year membership in the relevant professional Academ-ED Association.
  • Ability to become an Academ-ED employee either full time or part time.
  • Study and get trained at your own pace.
  • Get qualified to more advanced courses in the field.
  • Only relevant and latest subject matter presented in courses as required in the industry. No unnecessary and obsolete material to learn.
  • Courses will prepare the learners to stand out among others in the selected career.
  • Get substantial financial earnings outside your employment all throughout life.


Career requirements and challenges are changing rapidly today than ever before and are poised to change more swiftly in the future. It is with that concept in mind, Academ-ED has developed CEPTEL program, “Career-Enhancement-Process-Throughout-Employment-Life”, to enhance and maintain the knowledge & skills of course participants up to date after completion of the Courses at Academ-ED. CEPTEL allows a student to keep in contact with Academ-ED for an year after completion of a course free of charges. During this time a student is free to make queries or request solutions to problems or issues at work place and the Academ-ED appointed Guide will provide expert solutions for such queries. It is also an obligation of the Guide to provide the student with latest know-how in the subject during this period.

Students are also requested to continue their memberships in the respective Academ-ED Associations after completion of the courses as these Associations are a great platform for them to learn latest news, keep abreast of the careers and maintain knowledge in a particular professional subject area. The students are granted free membership to a relevant Association upon enrollment to a course until one year from the date of completion of the course. Thereafter, a very small annual fee will be levied in order to cover costs of the Association.

CAPTEL program delivers other professional and financial incentives to the course participants throughout their life. Further information is available to participants after enrolment into a course.